Tent and Two Feet Trip Blog Trip FAQ

Q: You are going to be walking the whole way across the United States?

A: Yes, I will be walking the entire way. The only transportation I will be using are my shoes.

Q: How long will it take  you? Where will you sleep?

A: That is hard to say exactly, around 7-8 months. It depends on weather, injury, schedule issues etc. I will sleep in my tent. If you have a place I could set up my tent for the night email me at tentandtwofeet@gmail.com

Q: How far is it?

A: It will be around 4,800 miles.

Q: Are you sure you can do it?

A: I know I can do it but honestly there are many things that could happen beyond my control. I won't know for sure until I try, I do plan on making it, time will tell. Alot of things could go wrong on the trip. In the end I'm sure a bit of luck here or there won't hurt.

Q: How are you going to update when you are backpacking?

A: Netbook, 3G wireless and solar power. Of course there will be times when I am out of coverage but surprisingly the route looks pretty thoroughly covered.