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JUL 13

 Live long and hobbit

  posted by admin on July 13, 2010 21:06 as General

First let me say.. Yes I am still here. I just started pushing through and contemplating life, centering my chi. Or some happy horse crap like that. Really just lost myself in the trip, that's about it. I feel good mentally but physically I am beat up.. beat up. Like the old saying "no plan survives first contact with the enemy" I learned early on to take things as they come and roll with it. So I have been rolling with it and not stressing out about what falls apart. I have to catch up on my posts and I will start on that now..

Let's begin with feet. Why you ask? Because I am still fascinated with the abuse I have unleashed upon my feet. Maybe when you have limited contact with the "other" world out there things like your feet take on an entertainment value all there own or maybe I shouldn't eat weird looking plants around the camp site. Your guess is as good as mine.

Now my girlfriend hates my feet, she says they look like hobbit feet. I think they are great feet and who doesn't like hobbits anyway? For starters they hurt but so do plenty of other things so that isn't unique. I guess too narrow it down it's really my toes that I wonder about while tromping along. Will they be purplish or looking normal when I stop..? Both my big toes (nail area) seem to be in a fight on wether or not they will turn purple. One day they look like they are going that way, the next they seem to leaning back to normal. It's the great 2010 battle of the toes. You can enter if you like, just go out and walk until your feet hurt then keep going. The rest of the family can get in on the action and place a bet on which toe will go down first. One guy is out for the count it went kinda dead looking but now it is going purple again. I'll keep you informed on toes, I know you like it because people keep asking about them.

Weather, can't really complain about it. It's not cold. Easy to get outside in the morning stays light later in day. Heat presents it's own issues mainly dehydration. I have flirted with that a few times. Not by being unaware to stay hydrated just tough to keep that way sometimes. I wear a hat and a really lightweight long sleeve shirt when the sun is really out. Getting a sunburn could be a real problem. It's a little more on the survival side of the issue. Getting a sunburn (minus general skin damage issues) in regular life hurts and is a pain in the ass same with being thirsty. When you are out on your own those are things you can't be so flippant about or you might end up as very brief tragedy/cautionary story on some local news program. Not that I am out in a no mans land survival situation. Plenty of time I am fairly near, in or not all that far from civilization but you don't have to be far away for something to bite you in the ass and be in trouble.

If I listened to that Bear Grylls survival guy I would probably be dead by now. He would probably say if you are dehydrated to go find a beehive and throw rocks at it until you swarmed because bee stings are good for dehydration. I guess that is off topic of weather but my girlfriend and I would watch his show sometimes for pure entertainment on the horrible advice he gives. Like he is out in the woods next to a nice blazing fire and says he hears a bear. His advice is to run away from the bear in the middle of the night no less.. One, that would just kick a bear off to thinking he was prey and get mauled or eaten. Two, bears don't like fire no animals do. Three, Smokey would beat your ass after the bear finished mauling you for leaving a big fire unattended in the woods. In conclusion, weather good, Bear Grylls bad.

I am breaking the stay outside rule in about a week when I get into Iowa. I know, I know.. It can't be helped.. Well given enough planning and energy it probably could somehow be but oh f'ing well. I don't have the time/energy, my hobbit feet hurt and I need a break. My girlfriend is flying in and we are going to spend a week seeing.. well Iowa I guess. We talked about her coming along with me and camping out etc. Logistically is was just hard to plan out. I need a break and for the sake of hard to determine schedule and logistics I will recuperate outside of a tent and regale her with tales of hobbiton. She just finished doing an Ironman so she probably needs a break as well. 2.4 mile swim, like a 120 mile bike ride and then a 26.2 mile run, that's a marathon after the swim and bike, in the same day one after the other.. Makes me feel like a wuss compared to doing that.

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[ Posted by Tamie, July 15, 2010 19:54 ]
     Hi Ken,
I love reading your blog. Keep on posting and tell your girlfriend Hi from me when you see her.

[ Posted by Ellen Prediger, July 17, 2010 13:43 ]
     Wow! You guys are in Iowa? My home turf, and not embarrassed to admit it. it is beautiful! Esp. the Eastern side! And I happen to be in Iowa right now - Iowa City - visiting my parents. Wish I would've known earlier as I would've tried to hook up with you - take you out for a good meal, which I'm sure sounds good. But I'm headed out to Nebraska early tomorrow to visit a company I'm starting to freelance for. Lincoln. Will have to check your route and see where you are... Anyway, this is the season of county and town fairs - e.g. "Solon Beef Days" and the "Washington Piston Toss" are this weekend. Hopefully you will collide with some of these events and can stop and relax (and eat brats or ribs or meat on a stick) for a while. People are really friendly in these parts. Hope you find it so.

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