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Trip Blog.

JUL 14

 Step by step brick by brick

  posted by admin on July 14, 2010 23:07 as General

Going through Indiana was for the most part pretty smooth and normal. On the Cardinal Greenways which is a very nice greenbelt stretch was the one place things took a turn for the slightly unusual. The Cardinal Greenways is a privately funded (volunteer) for upkeep/maintenance and they do a nice job with it. If you are in that area (Delware County) you should check it out. Back to the unusual..

I got off the greenbelt in Muncie to get some q-tips, batteries and some food. I go nutso without q-tips.. gotta have em. One thing I try to do on the road is to not look like a vagrant or something like that. It helps to not look like a scary person if you need to ask for directions to something or if you could get some water from them. Twice along the way I asked for directions/info on the ...
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JUL 13

 Live long and hobbit

  posted by admin on July 13, 2010 21:06 as General

First let me say.. Yes I am still here. I just started pushing through and contemplating life, centering my chi. Or some happy horse crap like that. Really just lost myself in the trip, that's about it. I feel good mentally but physically I am beat up.. beat up. Like the old saying "no plan survives first contact with the enemy" I learned early on to take things as they come and roll with it. So I have been rolling with it and not stressing out about what falls apart. I have to catch up on my posts and I will start on that now..

Let's begin with feet. Why you ask? Because I am still fascinated with the abuse I have unleashed upon my feet. Maybe when you have limited contact with the "other" world out there things like your feet take on an entertainment value all there own or ...
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 Dan The Man

  posted by admin on June 03, 2010 21:02 as General

I haven't updated in a bit because not much has happened lately. The weather has been pretty good. My gear got dried out and basically things have been pretty pleasant. I am in Ohio now, maybe about a week or so until I hit Indiana. Ohio is a nice looking country. I have been making good miles with good weather. My feet have been bothering me, I think I will stop for a few days when I find a spot I like. Generally just enjoying the scenery and it's been good day to day.

Today something new did happen. I woke up a little early and it just struck me to do a search for my old friend Dan since I was up early anyway. We had lost contact many years ago after I joined the Army and periodically I look ...
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MAY 17

 A plague upon thee

  posted by admin on May 17, 2010 9:47 as General

So when you are sleeping outdoors in a tent you hear all kinds of noises at night. Many of the noises you can identify, others are weird and occasionally creepy. I have been waken up at night by large birds, think geese type of large that sound very loud at night. I have waken up to what sounded like the swamp thing getting in or out of the river in the middle of the night but was probably a smallish animal amplified by the quieter night. There have been sort of howling/ish noises that I couldn't quiet identify. The howlish noises didn't sound quite like a dog, not like any coyote noises I have heard but whatever I just wanted them to stop waking me up since I sleep lightly out here. Then there was the noise I heard last night outside my tent, footsteps.

There isn't much chance you ...
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MAY 14

 Rain rain go away

  posted by admin on May 14, 2010 17:00 as General

My new favorite song is "Rain rain go away come back another day." Just about everything is wet and stays that way in my back pack. Day after day of rain is freaking annoying. Water heavy pack, everything becomes uncomfortable. Rain every once in awhile isn't so bad but over multiple days really sucks the joy out of this. I suppose it not being cold out though is a bonus.

I think modern man, as in late 20th and now 21st century is pretty wimpy compared to our fore runners. If I had complained like this to some settlers/pioneers a couple of hundred years ago about being rained on they might have whacked me with a stick and made me sleep outside with the dogs.

Think about it, how much time does the average person stay outdoors anymore? Not much. Sure there are exceptions galore but that's the point they are ...
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