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April 2010 « Trip Blog
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APRIL 2010

APR 27


  posted by admin on April 27, 2010 20:42 as General

   It's been a rough few days with all the rain. Sunday there was a pretty bad thunderstorm all night. I had to re-adjust all the gear in my tent to keep the floodguards propped higher up so all the rain wouldn't get in my tent throughout the night.

On Monday I had to pack all my gear while it was raining and my tent was wet and soaked in mud. I had to get everything packed away before the inside gear in my tent got soaked also. Once packed it felt like I was carrying an additional ten pounds.

As I started on the trail large parts of it were giant mud puddles and it didn't take long before my boots and socks were soaked through. It was a long hard slog. The only good thing about the rain was that it kept the mosquitoes away. When I finally ...
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APR 23

 Crushing rain

  posted by admin on April 23, 2010 10:04 as General

It looks like I will get rained on at least some of the time over the next few days. That should not be fun. It's not actually crushing rain unless you think about how much rain can suck and then think about walking in it, then it just crushes your spirit =) I was rained on earlier this week and as you know it can be annoying but those are some of the things that are just suck it up and keep moving ahead.

I should be around Harpers Ferry WV on Sunday about two hundred miles into it by then.  About a hundred and ten miles from starting into WV. The trail doesn't really cross over from Maryland to WV until further west of Harpers Ferry. I am looking forward to getting into WV it's supposed to be some beautiful country. Delaware and Maryland have been nice as well, especially ...
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APR 22

 Bring back capitalism

  posted by admin on April 22, 2010 15:42 as General

I had another good run in with someone today when I stopped to grab something to eat and take a break. As usual the back pack seems to invite questions which is great because there is enough time during the day where I don't get to talk to anyone.

He asks "Are those ski poles?" (again) and "Where you going with em?". So I tell him I am going camping and I use the trekking poles when I am back packing. During the next few minutes I explained to him that I was carrying all my gear that I needed with me in my back pack to camp with. He seemed a little skeptical and maybe a little impressed that you could do such a thing.

So the questions continued on and he noticed my GPS and asked if I had one of those "beacon things" on it. After he explained ...
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APR 20

 Ski poles

  posted by admin on April 20, 2010 16:49 as General

I think I have been asked "are those ski poles?", "are you going skiing?" or my favorite "so where are you going golfing?" about once a day. Well kind sir, I think I am going to take my back pack and go golfing on Neptune, it's great golfing weather up there right now. To be clear I have only been asked the golfing question once though but it was pretty hard not to start laughing. The golfing guy turned out to be a pretty good guy though and we had pretty good chat. Once he found out it was a back pack and not a golf bag he was interested on hearing about the trip.

The ski questions come from people seeing the trekking poles which I will admit look pretty similar to ski poles but it still seems like an odd question to get so often. I have a ...
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APR 19

 Headed out

  posted by admin on April 19, 2010 8:34 as General

I headed out on Friday and the conditions were rough. It had rained the night before and then the sun came out hot and it was hot and muggy. After the end of the day I re-thought my packing and stopped at a post office on the way the next day and mailed things back home. Being able to carry seventy pounds and being able to carry seventy pounds for long periods of time are different things. I figured eventually I would end up losing that battle. The weight would stay the same on heavy load times but eventually I would wear out. So I took care of the weight issue sooner than later.

With removing things I am adjusting what I was planning. I knew I would be making adjustments so I at least expected it. Video's are gone, I decided I didn't want to carry the weight. So I ...
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