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MAY 11

 Double your pleasure, double your fun

  posted by admin on May 11, 2010 18:21 as General

Things had been pretty routine the last 4-5 days pretty good weather just hiking along. Now though it has come time to double my pleasure double my fun so to speak. Rain has hit me off and on and when it is on, it is a pain in the ass. Now though coupled up with a little cold front it has been raining and cold. I would take heat any day over cold, one of the main reasons I started in April rather than March.

Hiking in the rain and cold is down right miserable, so far, by far the most miserable conditions I have come across. I was cold all day tempered by warming up some from walking but taking a break while hiking in the cold and rain was worse because my body heat evaporated with a quickness. I took less breaks because I knew they would be ...
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  posted by admin on May 06, 2010 19:30 as General

I am just into West Virginia now which is nice. It's like a barrier broken getting into a new state. This is state number three with many more to go. It is step by step though my concept of distance is certainly different on foot. Some miles seem to fly by and other times one mile seems to take forever.

It is pretty country like I was expecting. WV gets a bad wrap sometimes but the people I have run into have been as friendly as can be, no Burt Reynolds type mountain crazies at all. The route through WV is fairly short compared to some other states. I should be through here before the end of the month. Ohio will be a long haul that route looks to be over four hundred miles.

I missed the call from the radio station this week. I am not always close to a populated ...
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  posted by admin on May 02, 2010 10:31 as General

I am about 280 miles into the trip and overall is has been a pretty good hike. I am near Hancock MD. now and even though I want to get into WV just to be into the next part of the journey I decided to take a couple of days to rest and recover and use a laundry mat, yay.

Even though I have had a couple of "interesting" encounters with people so far let me say that those encounters have been the exception on the trip not the rule. By and large nearly everyone I have run across has been really very friendly. I have stopped and spoke with many people on the trail, pet their dogs and left with a handshake day after day rather than getting away from wacko's or thieves. Those stories aren't always as memorable to write about in the time I get something out but ...
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APR 27


  posted by admin on April 27, 2010 20:42 as General

   It's been a rough few days with all the rain. Sunday there was a pretty bad thunderstorm all night. I had to re-adjust all the gear in my tent to keep the floodguards propped higher up so all the rain wouldn't get in my tent throughout the night.

On Monday I had to pack all my gear while it was raining and my tent was wet and soaked in mud. I had to get everything packed away before the inside gear in my tent got soaked also. Once packed it felt like I was carrying an additional ten pounds.

As I started on the trail large parts of it were giant mud puddles and it didn't take long before my boots and socks were soaked through. It was a long hard slog. The only good thing about the rain was that it kept the mosquitoes away. When I finally ...
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APR 23

 Crushing rain

  posted by admin on April 23, 2010 10:04 as General

It looks like I will get rained on at least some of the time over the next few days. That should not be fun. It's not actually crushing rain unless you think about how much rain can suck and then think about walking in it, then it just crushes your spirit =) I was rained on earlier this week and as you know it can be annoying but those are some of the things that are just suck it up and keep moving ahead.

I should be around Harpers Ferry WV on Sunday about two hundred miles into it by then.  About a hundred and ten miles from starting into WV. The trail doesn't really cross over from Maryland to WV until further west of Harpers Ferry. I am looking forward to getting into WV it's supposed to be some beautiful country. Delaware and Maryland have been nice as well, especially ...
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