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Name: Ken Keeler

For those of you interested in knowing a little bit more me. I am just a regular guy who decided to do something a little out of the ordinary and to share the experience.

I have lived in six different states on the west coast and mid-west also traveled to many different countries. I am currently living in Keller (Ft. Worth) Texas and am looking forward to moving to Austin Texas in the future. Plans change but for now that is the destination of choice. I have visited much of the U.S. but will be seeing many more states for the first time on this journey and even seeing those I have been to much closer than ever before.

I have painted houses, joined the Army, worked my way up from the mail room to managing people in two different states for the same company, been a Corrections Officer in a maximum security prison, a felony investigator, surveillance "eye in the sky" in a casino and done computer forensics among other things. After all of that I decided it was time to take some time off and do something different, something interesting.

Travel was always part of the equation when deciding what I wanted to do and the more I thought about it the more I thought that I had not really seen all that the U.S. has to offer. All the national parks and forests, small towns, big cities, all the different people. Of course, I have seen alot of places before from NYC to one stop light towns in LA. But this would be a chance to really take the time to see these kind of places and apppreciate it. And I can't imagine that I can do this without ending up with some interesting adventures. Not all adventures are fun but they are at least memorable, that you can be sure of.